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Fascia Stretch Therapy™ (FST™) is a pain-free neuromyofascia (nerve-muscle-fascia) manual therapy that focuses on the connective tissue system rather than isolated muscle treatment. Clients are instructed to wear loose, comfortable clothing for the stretch sessions. Stabilizing straps may be used to anchor the limb not being moved for a more effective stretch.

Fascia (FASH-a) is the connective tissue that penetrates through and wraps around muscles, nerves, and organs- it's everywhere! Our muscles can be thought of as our "movers" within this fascial system. The best therapeutic effects therefore may come from targeting the continual fascial lines rather than just focusing on individual muscles only.

After assessment, treatment begins at the deepest part of the connective tissue system (the joint capsules), and progresses through all the layers of the fascia. Active stretching techniques such as PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) may be incorporated to further deepen a stretch. Combining the flow and principles of FST, this therapy often appears like a graceful dance between the therapist and the client!

What about the research? FST research was first completed in 1997 with founder Ann Frederick at Arizona State University. In 2017, research at the University of Arizona Medical School on the effects of FST on chronic non-specific low back pain showed significantly improved outcomes. 


FST is internationally recognized as the premium brand of assisted stretching by all major league sports teams and Olympic athletes!

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