with Fascia Stretch Therapy™

Keeping you fit for sport and life!

How can FST™ help you?

FASTER RECOVERY from sports and fitness training!

DECREASE PAIN- feel better and move better!


SLEEP IMPROVES and you feel refreshed!



Getting Ready to Run

Meet a stretch therapist who knows about health and fitness!

Rebecca Trump, MS, LMT, began her professional career in the medical field as a clinical exercise physiologist, but found a passion for massage therapy. After a decade in the massage realm, and while going through the global pandemic, she felt a strong nudge to transition the focus of her practice to stretch therapy with the unique Fascia Stretch Therapy™ technique!  

Offering "not your average stretch session," Rebecca achieved Level 1 Certification in Fascia Stretch Therapy from the Stretch To Win® Institute in Arizona- the GOLD standard of assisted stretch training in the industry!

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Sessions will be available by appointment only.

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